3 Ways Software Providers Control Payments with Partner Tools

3 Ways Software Providers Control Payments with Partner Tools

April 9, 2018 | 3-minute read

Ready to spend less time playing the go-between and more time delighting your merchants? PaymentSpring’s Partner Tools dashboard creates efficiency and ease for software providers that want payments integrated into their platform. Here are three ways the dashboard makes life easier:

Generate API keys.

The dashboard saves precious time that would be otherwise spent going through a middleman. Partners maintain API keys themselves via the dashboard instead of waiting on their payment provider each time they onboard a new client. Turning on payments capabilities for your users has never been easier.

See all your clients in one place.

Whether you’re serving hundreds or thousands of merchants through your platform, the dashboard makes it easy to see your client roster and keep everything up-to-date.

Make admin updates.

Someone forget their password for the fifth time…this month? No sweat—Partner Tools allows you to immediately reset it, saving you and your client the frustration of a lengthy password retrieval process.

While our Partner Tools dashboard puts you in the metaphorical payments driver’s seat, we’re happy to ride shotgun. Our dev and support teams are always ready to troubleshoot unique problems and find creative solutions.

Say goodbye to the status quo.

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