3 Ways The Right Gateway Can Solve Your Checkout Abandonment Issues

3 Ways The Right Gateway
Can Solve Your Checkout Abandonment Issues

September 19, 2018 | 3-minute read

Checkout abandonment means missed opportunities. But the right gateway can help you recapture those dollars.

For every 100 visitors who begin a checkout process, 69 of them will walk away without making a purchase. The average checkout abandonment rate currently hovers just below 70%, making it one of the biggest online challenges facing businesses and nonprofits today.

Fortunately the right gateway can recapture—and prevent—potential lost sales or donations. The right gateway partner helps your customers commit by:

1. Allowing them to check out without creating a new account. 37% of customers report abandoning their carts when a site requires them to enter new login and password information to complete their checkout. PaymentSpring takes this hassle out of the picture.

2. Simplifying the checkout experience. You might be losing another 28% of visitors if your checkout process is difficult or lengthy. When you use PaymentSpring’s API or Checkout Widget to create a payment form, customers have a fast, painless checkout that’s as simple as filling out a few basic fields and clicking a button.

3. Ensuring payments security. Last but definitely not least, if your customers don’t feel confident in your solution, they will question how their data is being treated. 19% of consumers won’t give their credit card if they have concerns about a site’s security. Choose a PCI level 1 certified provider like PaymentSpring to show customers you are serious about security.

If your checkout abandons are too high, give your solution a good look to see how it stands up to customer expectations. If PaymentSpring can help, give us a call.

Say goodbye to checkout abandonment.