4 Ways to Fill Your Nonprofit’s Donation Pool

4 Ways to Fill Your Nonprofit’s Donation Pool

March 2, 2017 | 3-minute read

Play the long game. If that’s the only thing you take away from this post, it will have been worth the read. We all understand there are several things you can do to increase your nonprofit donations, and event registrations or enrollment for that matter. But your first steps must be foundational. Here are four actions to consider and implement as soon as possible:

Clear the Clutter
“Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory.” Brilliant advice, Coco Chanel. In the case of marketing copy—maybe remove two. Your request needs to be clear and clutter free to convert the most action. If you’re sending an event invitation, let it be an event invitation. If you’re asking for a seasonal donation, just ask. Whatever it is, know your goal and stick to it.

Offer A Simple Experience
How easy is it for your supporters to give donations and register for events online and on their mobile devices? If your answer isn’t “very,” rethink your current payment service provider. Today’s payments landscape has broadened, giving you the opportunity to shop around for the right fit rather than the right now fit. Seek a partner that offers more for the same price or less. (We’re out there. ☺)

Employ an Attitude of Gratitude
Take a mindful approach to showing gratitude by letting it live in the moment. Thank your donors, and that’s it. Their existing sense of awesomeness will be elevated because you simply showed them their action mattered. No strings attached. Save that additional ask for another day. Right now, you’re building relationships.

Water your seeds
You’ve reaped, now it’s time to sow. Keeping your advocates engaged with success stories and updates enriches your bond. Send the occasional card, email and/or newsletter to inform supporters about the continued need and positive impact you’re collectively making. Sowing in this sense is a bit of a balancing act, so take care not to drown anyone. A simple editorial calendar is a lifesaver, and you can easily create one using your Google Calendar.

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