5 Tips to Digitally Transform Your Business

5 Tips to Digitally Transform Your Business

October 12, 2018 | 4-minute read

Merchants who aren’t online are losing money. How do you stack up to consumer expectations?

Consumers want to shop at small and medium-sized businesses. In fact, 87% say they think it’s important to support small merchants over chain or big-box stores.

But even small businesses have to make online shopping easy, if they want to win over customers. More than ever, the ability to shop and pay online is driving where consumers spend their money.

If you aren’t already doing these things, consider revamping your digital strategy:

1. Simplify the shopping experience. Consumers are motivated to buy more when they can shop from home, avoid checkout lines, access free shipping and other online perks.

2. Offer a digital payment method. Small businesses who’ve gone digital report, on average, an 8% increase in revenue after accepting payments online and through mobile devices. Even better—the average cost of processing those payments has decreased by a whopping 57%. 

3. Communicate more quickly and efficiently. 63% of consumers prefer to hear from a business digitally, through email, social media or the business’ website. And when it comes to payments, snail mail reminders quickly become a hassle for merchants, too.

4. Offer online promotions or digital loyalty programs. The numbers don’t lie—customers love the “treat yo’self” mentality, with 97% shopping online to receive promotions and/or discounts and 92% forgoing brick-and-mortar stores in favor of digital loyalty program perks.

5. Tap into future commerce trends. 61% of customers plan to increase online purchases in the next 5 years.

With a PCI level 1 certified provider like PaymentSpring as your partner, you’ll be more than ready to turn digital into dollars through a checkout experience that is fast, simple and secure.

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