6 Ways Your Nonprofit Can Accept More This #GivingTuesday

6 Ways Your Nonprofit Can Accept More This #GivingTuesday

November 14, 2017 | 4-minute read

Last year #GivingTuesday donations reached $177 million (which is up over $60 million from 2015). Here are our best tips for your nonprofit to accept more donations on November 28.

Start early.

Of course, it’s better late than never, but to execute your best #GivingTuesday campaign, you should begin your efforts months in advance. (Here are some great tips from the marketing pros at HubSpot, and nonprofit guru John Haydon put together a quick ‘n’ dirty checklist that can help even the biggest procrastinators among us.)

Get specific.

With so many excellent causes competing for attention (and donations) on this day, it’s the specific bird that gets the worm. Tell your potential donors exactly what you’re raising funds for. Later, you can show them the impact they had on your constituents.

Tell a story.

Use your website and social media channels to showcase stories of the good work your organization is doing. Humanize your cause! Use images and video, as both will better capture attention and are proven to increase donation rates.

Go mobile.

In the world of web design, responsive is the new black. 17% of all #GivingTuesday donations were made on a mobile device in 2016, and that number is only likely to go up this year. Test your page to make sure it’s looking good on desktop and mobile.

Don’t lose them.

50–70% of donors abandon an online donation form when they’re redirected to another site. Holy lost money, Batman. Keep them (and their dollars) on your site by using a payment provider (like PaymentSpring) that won’t take them to a third-party site.

Say thanks.

Simply thanking your donors will leave them with a good impression of your organization, and it will make them more inclined to share that they’ve given to you with their social networks. (Bonus points if you can include social sharing links to make it easy for them to do so.)

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