Accept Payments with Ease: Meet Gateway

Accept Payments with Ease: Meet Gateway

January 8, 2018 | 2-minute read

Processing credit card payments and ACH deposits with ease, via a system that’s easy to set up and with real people ready to support you when you need it is more rare than it should be. That’s what inspired PaymentSpring to develop a smart and simplified alternative to “big box” payment processing services. At PaymentSpring, nonprofit and business partners are experiencing the best of both worlds—quality product AND quality service.

The PaymentSpring developer team started by putting security and usability first, while our support and sales staff focus on listening to feedback and finding solutions that just work.

The bottom line: Gateway shines.

One dashboard rules it all! Whether you’re online or on-the-go, all transactions live in the same secure yet easily accessible place. The functionality explored in this video is just a sample of how Gateway streamlines payment processing. Check it out:

This is just the beginning of what PaymentSpring’s all-in-one payment processing solution can do. There are plenty of other customizable tools and lickety-split integration options that come standard with an active Gateway account.

Take a closer, no obligation look at Gateway today.

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