API 101: How Programmers Make It Look So Easy

API 101: How Programmers Make It Look So Easy

June 20, 2018 | 5-minute read

What is an API and what does it do? Here are the basics.

So PaymentSpring has an API. Cool—what does that mean? Here’s the non-jargon-y explanation.

Not to be confused with IPA (looking at you, beer fans), API stands for application protocol interface.

An API is a standard language, or set of tools, that developers can use to easily create and customize a software experience. Essentially, an API provides the building blocks for programmers to work with. The end result is different type of technologies are able to “talk” to each other, making for a better customer experience than if they were accessed separately.

There are multiple types of APIs, and a programmer will decide which is the best fit for their solution based on many factors.

Many APIs are open APIs, meaning they’re available for any dev to use at no cost. This makes it easy for complimenting tech to add on to a solution through integration. Open APIs are available for a lot of the software you use every day, like Google Maps, Twitter, Amazon and YouTube.

Here’s an example an API in action: A software company offering scheduling features, communications and planning options to their users determines their customers would have a better experience if they could add the ability to make payments without ever leaving the software.

Enter PaymentSpring’s open API.

The software company can access all the details they need through the PaymentSpring developer docs (which are available online), integrate using the open API and have payments available through their software. Integrating payments improved their customer’s experience by reducing the number of tools they need to contend with—and everything is kept within their software’s look and feel.

PaymentSpring’s gateway technology has a RESTful API available (which is the modern standard for API), making it universal and easy to work with. Developers integrating PaymentSpring payments can use our API to reduce the amount of time needed to get customers started with payments.

If your business or organization has a software solution that could benefit from integrating payments, your developers can easily create a completely customized buying experience for your users using PaymentSpring’s RESTful API.

If you don’t have a developer team, never fear. We still make it easy to get started with tools like our Checkout Widget, where you can add payments in minutes, no dev skills needed.

Now you can talk APIs over your next IPA with the best of ‘em. Cheers!

Start integrating.

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