Ask and You Shall Receive Monetization Opportunities with the Right Partner

Ask & You Shall Receive Monetization Opportunities with the Right Partner

April 14, 2017 | 3-minute read

Most software platforms are in a constant state of innovation, chasing endless possibilities on a solution quest outsiders might not ever understand. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been comfortably providing software services for years or if you’re new to the game; nobody goes it completely alone.

An integrated payments solution can add lasting monetary value to your software platform. Now, imagine if your payments provider acted as a partner in strategic business planning and marketing development as well. Yup, we feel more of those endless possibilities coming on too.

This partnership distinction isn’t defined by a payment engine’s name—big or small, they should all want to take your platform further. That extra mile holds shared vision and growth opportunities that go beyond the standard practice of handing over an API and moving on to the next prospect. It’s about coming together to evaluate your current situation and creating a plan to improve your software, increase your user base and generate the most shared revenue.

From your customers’ perspective—be it nonprofits, churches, camps, retail providers or professional services—shared solutions are also in high demand. They need ways to turn more online looky-loos into happy customers, more check-in processes into donation opportunities, more invoice wrangling into seamless online payments or even recurring transactions.

It’s time for software platforms to forge a new path with a payments partner. Knowing a little more about what to expect puts you in a great position to start asking more from your potential or existing provider.

Here are a few questions that will help you evaluate a payments provider’s ability to truly partner and monetize your software platform.

  • Do they understand my platform’s business model?
  • Do they understand my customer’s industry and help us meet regulations?
  • Are they experienced in partnership marketing?
  • Do they strategically evaluate my organization’s road map for shared success?
  • Will their solution deliver a fully integrated API and seamless user experience?
  • What type of IT support and documentation will they provide me?
  • Is their mobile solution integrated within the online gateway?
  • Do they have a dashboard that supports my business needs?
  • Can my customers easily opt in for the payment solution online?
  • How do they approach pricing?
  • How long do they hold my funds?
  • How do they handle PCI compliance?
  • What’s their customer service really like, and how will they treat my customer base?

Innovation is contagious in the right company. If software development is in your blood like it is in ours, let’s bring your platform’s full potential to life and strategize ways it can be monetized for the long haul. Connect with our team to discuss partnership and growth opportunities.