5 Helpful Features of PaymentSpring’s Gateway System

5 Helpful Features of PaymentSpring’s Gateway System

November 19, 2019 | by Kyle Laughlin,  | 3-min read

The PaymentSpring merchant dashboard covers all the bases required by any modern payments gateway. From saving customer data to charging credit cards and bank accounts to issuing refunds – you’ll have everything you need in one convenient place to run your business.

Beyond the basics, our dashboard is sprinkled with helpful features that enhance your business processes and give you powerful insights on your payments.

Real-Time Payment Updates

Our webhooks platform lets you know in real time what is happening inside of PaymentSpring. If you’re a nonprofit, for example, you’ll likely want to recognize donors who go above and beyond to support your cause. If you want to know about any donations over $1,000, you can set up a webhook that notifies you via text message or email – so you can recognize them for their generosity.

Build Custom Payment Forms – No Coding Required

With our widgets, adding a payment form to your website is easier than ever. Copy and paste a line of basic code onto your website, and a payment form will appear. Plus, this form isn’t restricted to payments. By using custom fields, you can use the form to collect t-shirt sizes, field questions from your users, or receive feedback on a topic of your choosing. Tweak and save your widget. Refresh your browser. See your changes. Easy as that.

Find the Needle in the Data Stack

Receive a lot of payments? Like, a lot of payments?

Our advanced search tools can help you narrow payments to find the information you’re looking for. Want to sort failed payments by credit card brand? Need to see all successful payments within a specific time frame? No problem. And if your accounting department needs a list as well, it’s just as easy to export and distribute data.

Spoiler: Skip to number five for another way to support your accounting department.

With a Little Help from Our Friends

Let PaymentSpring be the friend that gives us developers a little help. A little context helps supplement any API documentation. Our dashboard utilizes the same API endpoints an integrator would use. Not sure how your JSON payload should look or curious what a response might look like? Do it in the dashboard and it will show you the request and response payloads used to make the call. Anywhere you see a logs tab in dashboard, you can see the actions performed for that resource. But of course, our docs are pretty legit. You don’t have to take our word for it.

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility…

…unless all you have is view-only access.

Does your accounting team want access to the PaymentSpring dashboard? Great! As view-only users, they’ll be able to see all of the data they need to do their job effectively – without having the ability to update, change, or charge.

These are just a handful of the rich features available via the PaymentSpring merchant dashboard. Want to test it out for yourself? Create a sandbox account and learn to expect more from your payments gateway.