Dev Talk: Partner Tools Unleashed for Software Platforms

Dev Talk: Partner Tools Unleashed for Software Platforms

October 11, 2017 | 4-minute read

Software platforms offering simple SaaS payment solutions have their monetization ducks in a row. But is that enough?

Beyond the basics, payment processing software must push to engineer payment gateway solutions that provide full business awareness. Today’s market offers cursory-level SaaS payment gateway models with patchwork solutions, which is one reason PaymentSpring developers went the extra mile creating PaymentSpring’s Partner Tools—to give you simple AND savvy.

Let’s take a look at what Partner Tools offers software platform partners.

Complete Dashboard Control

Serving your merchants and nonprofits in a timely and effective manner is your number one priority. Ours too. It’s how trust is established and kept. It’s how referrals happen organically. And, it’s how you meet (and exceed) your organization’s goals.

Instant access to functionality that better serves customers is one way PaymentSpring Partner Tools stands out. If you can skip the middle man and simply take care of business, that’s exactly what you should do.

Here are a few extra steps you can happily avoid thanks to PaymentSpring’s Partner Tools:

  • Tedious Onboarding Integrations
    Software platforms partnering with PaymentSpring don’t need to request help onboarding clients, they simply fetch an API key with one simple click directly from the Partner Dashboard. Fast. Simple. Effective. Just the way we like our integrations.
  • Painful Password Resets
    Just do it. If a merchant or nonprofit needs to reset a password, you have the power to take care of it. Your ability to help with an immediate reset will save you and your customers time and frustration.
  • Never-Ending Merchant Account Updates
    Not only can your clients update their customer information on their own in real time, you can too. The Partner Dashboard won’t leave you pending, constantly double checking for expired credit cards or address changes. All account updates can be completed the instant they need to be—most often, the second you know something is outdated. 

Full Team Access

Skipping the middle man isn’t always the way to go. If you need to solve a nonprofit’s credit card processing issue or you want to explore how our SaaS payment portal can overcome your latest challenge, you’ll want assistance. That’s why we have a team of client service specialists at your disposal. They love making your life easier and solving tough challenges.

There are no limits to what we can create together. Your candid feedback never falls on deaf ears. In fact, when a partner says: “it’d be great if my Partner Tools could…,” we get excited because we know the answer is typically: “it can,” or “it will.” It’s those collaborative conversations that inspire holistic product innovation instead of patchwork process solutions.

All-in-One Mobile Solution

Your client base will be delighted with having mobile payments integrated in one cohesive dashboard view. For you, that means less time supporting frustrated clients as they attempt to consolidate mobile and online transactions (which is typical with most competitors). Bonus value: you can request mobile card readers be shipped to your clients any time directly from the Partner Dashboard.

Continued Enhancements

Partner Tools will always be a living, breathing payment processing software solution to our team and the software platform partners we serve. Its updates will be inspired by your evolving needs, which will include webhook monitoring and enhanced communications with our team via the Partner Dashboard.

This simple—and savvy—payment processing software is already available and carefully designed to ease integration and make life better with a single dashboard packed with useful business tools.

Plug into PaymentSpring’s Partner Tools on a more in-depth level.

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