Letting (Foot)loose with Online Payments: A Partnership Evolving the Dance Studio Industry

Letting (Foot)loose with Online Payments: A Partnership Evolving the Dance Studio Industry

October 26, 2018 | 4-minute read

PaymentSpring and CompuDance are keeping dance studios current with digital payments.

Dance studio owners want to be working with students. Not bookwork. The challenge of balancing administrative work with time teaching and interacting with students and parents is an important one to get right.

That’s where CompuDance comes in. CompuDance is a studio management software for fitness centers and dance and music studios that helps owners and managers get out from behind the desk. From mom and pop dance studios to larger organizations like the Maryland Performing Arts Academy, CompuDance offers time-saving features for studios of any size.

CompuDance chose PaymentSpring as their preferred payment vendor because our API integration makes it a breeze for users to get started accepting electronic payments.

Rocco Santorufo, VP of sales, marketing and business development at CompuDance—and a studio owner himself—said PaymentSpring enabled CompuDance users to spend more time serving the people in their studio.

“Using a company like PaymentSpring and having synergy with the integration makes taking payments through CompuDance seamless,” Santorufo said. “Your front desk staff doesn’t have to focus as much on paperwork and can focus more on customer service.”

Studio owners don’t need a terminal or Square to accept payments, and they only need to enter a payment into one system. Since PaymentSpring is integrated with CompuDance, the payment history is stored within the software.

Rocco said that while studios want to grow, and innovative technology can help them do that, they’re often intimidated.

Luckily, both CompuDance and PaymentSpring are user-friendly, so there’s nothing intimidating about it.

Another thing they have in common? Their focus on the future.

“I think part of the success of CompuDance has been due to us being able to see what’s coming,” Rocco said. “When we met with PaymentSpring, it was clear they were also on the cutting edge of using technology to transform business.”

CompuDance users reap all the benefits of PaymentSpring, including recurring payments, the ability to capture card or ACH information, e-invoicing and live phone support. Studio-goers can see their billing easily, and CompuDance’s simple interface and video library of software features make it easy for studio owners to get started.

“PaymentSpring was able to dig in and understand how our process works,” Rocco said. “They understood our model and made it friendly for the end user.”

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