Get In the Fast Lane with Electronic Invoicing

Get In the Fast Lane with Electronic Invoicing

May 7, 2018 | 3-minute read

Electronic invoicing has the power to get your business moving faster.

On a scale of 1–10, with 1 being “could do it my sleep” and 10 being “epic ache in the tushie,” how streamlined is your invoicing process?

If things are already smooth sailing, great! If not, maybe it’s time to explore your options.

First, let’s take a quick look at two legacy models of invoicing that could be costing you.

Paper & Email Invoices:

If your business is sending paper invoices, consider the extra labor involved in printing, stuffing and stamping—as well as the extra postage costs.

Manually emailing your invoices still involves some extra labor too, as you’ll need to give clients instructions on how to pay.

Both of these methods create delays in payment while you wait to receive checks. The process can be as burdensome for the client as it is for you.

There’s got to be a better way, right? Right!

Meet Electronic Invoicing:

With e-invoicing, merchants can send invoices electronically—and by clicking a link, the customer can pay right away via credit card or ACH.

Add-on e-invoicing can be included with other payment solutions—usually for a cost. At PaymentSpring, though, all customers are offered the tech that allows them to send invoices right from their dashboard for no extra charge. Merchants can customize their invoice templates with payment amounts, verbiage and branding. They can pre-populate invoices with stored information and add as many line items as they like. Impressive, no?

Makes you wonder why paper and email invoicing is still a thing.

Check out PaymentSpring’s version of electronic invoicing.

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