People of PaymentSpring: Brian McGarry, Senior Vice President of Sales

People of PaymentSpring: Brian McGarry

September 22, 2021 | by Natalie Schwarz, PaymentSpring Content Specialist | 2-min read

Every payment company says they love their clients. It kind of comes with the territory.

What sets the good companies apart from the great ones lies in how they actually serve the clients they say they love.

For us, that’s simple. We listen to what our clients need, then create solutions to meet those needs. For people like Brian McGarry, our senior vice president of sales, that’s the best part of working here.

Meet Brian. One of the many PaymentSpring people who love serving communities.

For people who might not be as familiar, can you tell us a little bit about PaymentSpring? 

At PaymentSpring, we’re focused on partnering with software and technology providers to offer payments solutions for the good of communities. We have specific expertise in the nonprofit and religious verticals.  Also, we serve many other types of customers, including dance studios, accounting firms, camps, and schools. Our partners are experts in their respective software areas and we bring our vast knowledge of the payments landscape to create a truly beneficial partnership. They can focus on developing innovative software and we handle the payments. The partnership starts with a keen understanding of the business model of our technology providers. Then, we craft a custom payments program that helps accelerate their growth and offer an additional revenue stream. Customers who sign up to use our partners software can then use PaymentSpring to keep the cash flow of their organization consistent. Our payment gateway is a proprietary piece of software which helps our partners white label our payments technology so they can offer a truly integrated software and payments experience for their customer.

How long have you been with PaymentSpring?

As of April 2021, I’ve been at PaymentSpring for six years. I got started in the payments industry about the same time I was starting my family. After working my way through the sales/retail sector, I decided I wanted a “more corporate” job. My first gig was an inside sales rep position with First National Merchant Solutions. It was a great way to learn the business really fast. We had four and a half days of training, then they gave us a list and a phone and said, “Have at it.” It was definitely a sink or swim moment.

What is a typical day for you and which part of your role do you see as most important or enjoyable?

Most of my day is spent talking to software partners and their customers – and that is truly the part I enjoy the most. It’s great to hear about all the different organizations we work with. I enjoy hearing about the personal stories of our customers.

Our partners want to understand how they can offer an integrated software solutions, helping them capture market share. The customers who use their software want to know how they can make processing payments invisible. If they don’t think about us, we are doing our job.

I also spend time talking to software users. These conversations range in topic from PCI compliance to detailed descriptions on the flow of funds. We get lots of questions about mobile payments and alternative payment methods. Our job is to give advice on best practices based on their industry. I can’t wait until we get further down the road of COVID-19 recovery so we can start traveling to see our clients; that’s the best part.

What phrase best describes PaymentSpring? 

One of our sayings around here is, “We bring truth.” The payment processing industry can be overwhelming and confusing to those that don’t work in it every day. Laying it out in simple terms that everyone can understand is the right way to do business—and that’s what we do.

How is PaymentSpring different from other payment processors?

Our commitment to providing an exceptional customer experience for our partners – and their customers, is how we distinguish ourselves in a crowded marketplace. There are a lot of companies out there that offer payment processing services, and we knew it was important to do things differently. We start at the partner level, to truly understand their business model and craft a payments solution to match. In this discovery process we also determine how we will handle the software users that then become our joint customers, which is key. We’re constantly innovating and improving our technology as the payments industry moves fast. We pick best-of-breed products and solutions that are specific to our verticals and implement them in ways that help our customers more efficiently run their business. We partner with our clients from Day 1, have real people available to ask questions to, and are invested in the success of our partners.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work or something you are passionate about?

Snowboarding and biking are two of my favorite outdoor activities. Although snowboarding in Nebraska can be tough, Colorado’s just a quick drive away. Also, I enjoy camping with my boys. We started an annual trip to the Boundary Waters where we go into the back-country for a week and live off whatever we can fit in our backpacks. It’s very relaxing.

Bian McGarry's family

What is the most important advice you’ve ever been given and who told you? 

That’s a tough one. I’ve been given a lot of great advice by family members, mentors, and colleagues over the years. I would say there are two great pieces of advice that resonate with me daily. The first: Embrace change. It’s inevitable and your ability to adapt will allow you to succeed. The second is to always maintain a positive attitude and a smiling face. It can be absolutely infectious to those around you.

What is one thing that can instantly make your day better?

When my wife sends me pictures of my kids. I have two boys and two girls ranging from five years old to 16 years old. It has been, and continues to be, an amazing journey watching them grow up.

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