Simple Ways to Bring in More Dollars for Your Nonprofit

Simple ways to bring in more dollars for your nonprofit

October 15, 2018 | 3-minute read

The right tools of the trade + the right message = taking your nonprofit’s mission to the next level.

Once your organization has gone digital, knowing which tools to use will help you communicate with ease and reap the rewards of online donations.

After all, monthly online giving grew by an astounding 40% in 2017, and mobile visits to nonprofit websites increased by 9%.  It’s important to talk about your mission in a way that transforms short attention spans into long-term giving. Equally important? How you get that message out.

Whether you’re new to the world of digital donations or your organization is an old hand at online fundraising, here are some tips for accepting more.

Create campaign landing pages to make your large fundraising efforts more visible and easier for people to donate. Dedicating a full page to your specific effort will help you capture more revenue, faster. And tools like a funds collected tracker allows you to engage donors by getting them invested (pun intended) in your mission.

Use text-to-give and outbound text messaging tools to take advantage of the 35% increase in these types of donations. Another bonus of being smartphone friendly? Knowing your subscribers are highly engaged with your nonprofit.

Go social with your mission by periodically reminding followers and friends on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and/or Instagram about the options for donating. Encourage those who want to give ongoing support by highlighting recurring donations. And highlight the people who matter most by sharing the stories of those you’re helping and your generous donors.

Quickly add donations to your existing website. With PaymentSpring, it can be be done in minutes—not to mention you can add different buttons for different funds and easily collect all in one dashboard.

For more resources and tips on crafting a message with impact, check out our new Nonprofit Fundraising Toolkit for free!

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