May The Fourth Be With You

May The Fourth Be With You

May 4, 2017 | 4-minute read

Santa schmanta. December has us counting the days until our mental stockings are stuffed with all the highly-anticipated revelations Star Wars: The Last Jedi is sure to deliver.

Until then, you can celebrate today’s high holiday reminiscing on the glories of Star Wars fandom with Mitch Treu, business development specialist at PaymentSpring.

1. How would you describe the type of Star Wars fan you see yourself as?
I’m a fairly cerebral fan I suppose, and completely captivated the by the heroism and exploration aspects of the storylines. Star Trek really opened my mind to the magnitude of time and space—with or without a little fiction. Then Star Wars came into play, and I was instantly hooked. The series offers a somewhat more realistic space experience that encompassed the good vs. evil themes and the pursuit of personal and societal freedom I find fascinating and inspiring.

2. Were you encouraged to become a Star Wars fan or did the force call you directly?
There was some direct dialing going on. My interests in space exploration, the existence of other habitable planets, etc., seem to have always been there. Growing up, Star Wars was in regular rotation on family movie night. We’d gather around the glowing picture box and dramatically act out to the opening crawl. Great memories.

3. Which side are you on—rebel alliance or the empire—and why?
The rebel alliance, all the way! This question is like a real-world comparison of global communism vs. democratic republics. Common sense for anyone who is interested in having personal freedom. I can hear Yoda saying this now, “Do. Or do not. There is no try.”

4. What’s your favorite movie quote and why?
“May the force be with you” is the best line ever. But a close second for me is “The force is strong with this one.” I secretly admit, this line would be the best compliment to receive about myself and the PaymentSpring team. We work hard every day to represent “the good guys” in the payments industry, and won’t stop until justice is served.

5. Which character(s) would be a sweet fit at PaymentSpring and why?
The Jedi or Han Solo would do well here at PaymentSpring, but perhaps Luke would be the best fit since he would be my number one draft pick. Great people make a company, and our work environment here at PaymentSpring definitely stimulates creativity and innovation. As Han would say, “Never tell me the odds.”

That sentiment rings so true here at PaymentSpring. We hold ourselves accountable to each of our company core values: 1) We Bring Truth 2) We Shake Things Up 3) We’ve Got Heart.

6. Tell the truth . . . what do you really think about the prequel trilogy?
I think most Star Wars fans were a little, um, surprised by some of the storyline and character choices in the prequel trilogy, but I don’t read too much into it. It really is all a fictional story, and I think the writers are simply brilliant!

7. Are you a collector or has that ship sailed to a galaxy far, far away?
I have to admit, I’m still holding on to some stormtrooper and Chewbacca masks.

8. How blown is your mind when someone tells you they’ve never seen Star Wars or that they are not into it?
Those scenarios are not even an option in my mind. It’s like saying dads look cool in cargo shorts. Eee, no. Not possible.

If you’d like to swap Star Wars stories with Mitch (or discuss payment acceptance solutions, of course), hit him up at 844.348.5702 or