Meet Your Team: Canice Kobus

Meet Your Team: Canice Kobus

December 14, 2017 | 3-minute read

While our simple solutions often support themselves, sometimes you come across an issue not in the FAQs (or maybe you’re just looking for someone to discuss Stranger Things 2).

Either way, we have a crack staff that specializes in answering tough questions and helping clients find creative payment solutions. We sat down with the team’s fearless leader, Canice Kobus, client services vice president, to see what was on her mind.

How long have you been with PaymentSpring, and how did you get started in payments?

I have been with PaymentSpring for almost four years. I started my career in banking over 30 years ago and have been working in the payments processing space for over 20 years. I managed a small merchant department, moved into managing large merchant relationships and then on to coordinating the implementation of new merchant relationships. I’ve worked directly with clients for a very long time!

What do you do on a day-to-day basis?

I manage our client services team which is here to support our clients and their payment processing needs. Technology sometimes brings challenges for both us and the clients and we all learn and grow from those challenges; it’s our goal to work with the client to answer questions and bring resolution to them as quickly as possible. We love the interaction we have with the clients, listen to their feedback and incorporate their great ideas wherever and whenever possible.

What do you like about your job?

The variety of what I do and the fun that comes with helping others each and every day. What we do in client services touches every division within PaymentSpring, so I have the pleasure of working with others in the company as well as my own team. My ultimate goal is to be the voice of the customer so we as a company can provide them products and services that’ll make their job easier.

How does PaymentSpring’s customer service differ from competitors?

A lot of our competitors don’t have an interest in customer service. Some try to offer everything they think customers will need online so they won’t need personal support. That’s a novel idea, but the bottom line is there are times when customers have to pick up the phone and call—and they cannot get to anyone. In some cases, they can’t even find a phone number to call. To get clients from those competitors who are not being attentive to their customers is really fun for us, because we know we’re going to take good care of them.

Which of our values speaks to you the most?

We bring truth. It’s who I am, and customers are most willing to work with people they can trust.

So, what do you do when you’re not providing best-in-class customer service?

I like to read a lot—both business books and fiction—and I volunteer. I live in the community, so it’s my responsibility to volunteer. I tell my kids that giving back in whatever way we can is a responsibility we all have.

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