Monetizing Your Software Platform with PaymentSpring

Monetizing Your Software Platform with PaymentSpring

May 17, 2017 | 3-minute read

Off-the-shelf payment solutions are everywhere, but what if you’re not a one-size-fits-all platform provider? It’s a conundrum we solve for every day. And it basically boils down to the fact that bakers should be the only ones cutting cookies and genuine partners should be the only ones trusted with your monetization efforts.

If you haven’t asked your current or potential payment company these questions, do it soon. The answers will help determine the company’s definition of partnership and provide better insights on their ability to help you grow your platform. We’re happy to share PaymentSpring’s answers with you; just holler.

And, because we’re more than just a pretty API, we’re confident you’ll be pleased with our responses. In the meantime, we’d like to elaborate on three uniques PaymentSpring brings to the table to advance the concept of software monetization.

1. Business Roadmap
Sure, we want to hit the ground running. But before our toes touch the starting line, we get to know your terrain—we will ask you to share your story, take us on a product demo, talk about your pain points and describe your ultimate goals (even if they are pie in the sky). You’d be surprised how quickly business and value alignments begin to appear. We want to run alongside you and enhance your efforts to achieve success.

2. Flexible Pricing
This statement might seem atypical, but we feel pricing structures should be as unique as your software platform. So let’s have a conversation. We work with you to determine the most profitable and sustainable pricing model, offering nonprofit and high-volume concessions.

3. Marketing Support
Investing time and energy is the only way to keep promises for the long haul. Our team is dedicated to increasing your earned revenue in a “money where our mouth is” kind of way. We help you build an onboarding plan. And, once we agree on a plan, we can help with email creative or call campaigns to get the most out of your program.

The dice rollers of the world can rely on chance. We’re planners who know the value of shared vision and partnership. Where do you want to take your software platform—and, is your current processor getting you there? If you’re looking for something new, email Brian McGarry or call him directly at 402.609.5076.

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