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Meet Your Team: Steven Burnett

March 5, 2018|

3-minute read

We set out to make payment solutions so easy they practically support themselves. But you know how the song goes: We all need somebody to lean on. For PaymentSpring customers, that somebody is our support team.

(Web)Hooked on Business Intelligence

January 12, 2018|

2-minute read

Today, we get notifications about everything that matters—when our must-watch TV show is set to record, social posts from our favorite friends…shoot, even cars will alert us when our tires are low. Why should payments be any different?

Accept Payments with Ease: Meet Gateway

January 8, 2018|

2-minute read

Processing credit card payments and ACH deposits with ease, via a system that’s easy to set up and with real people ready to support you when you need it is more rare than it should be. That’s what inspired PaymentSpring to develop a smart and simplified alternative to “big box” payment processing services. At PaymentSpring, nonprofit and business partners are experiencing the best of both worlds—quality product AND quality service.  

Living in the Future: PaymentSpring Predicts Tech Trends

January 4, 2018|

3-minute read

Looking back to 2017, technology solutions were focused on making life easier. We were certainly no exception (check out how we’ve been making payments easier than ever). To get a sense of what upcoming tech trends might mean for payments in 2018 (and beyond), we picked the brain of our senior vice president of solutions, Heath Roehr.

Our Year-End Roundup

December 28, 2017|

3-minute read

As hard as it is to believe, 2017 is wrapping up. While we’re excited for what 2018 has in store, we can’t help but look back fondly on what we accomplished this year. There was a little something for everyone…

Meet Your Team: Canice Kobus

December 14, 2017|

3-minute read

While our simple solutions often support themselves, sometimes you come across an issue not in the FAQs (or maybe you’re just looking for someone to discuss Stranger Things 2).