3 Ways Software Providers Control Payments with Partner Tools

April 9, 2018|

3-minute read

Ready to spend less time playing the go-between and more time delighting your merchants? PaymentSpring’s Partner Tools dashboard creates efficiency and ease for software providers that want payments integrated into their platform. Here are three ways the dashboard makes life easier.

5 Steps For a Successful Giving Day

April 4, 2018|

4-minute read

Whether your nonprofit is putting on its own giving day or participating in a community event, it’s an excellent way to draw in new donors—some nonprofits have reported that as many as 60% of their giving day donors are brand new.

Meet Your Team: Steven Burnett

March 5, 2018|

3-minute read

We set out to make payment solutions so easy they practically support themselves. But you know how the song goes: We all need somebody to lean on. For PaymentSpring customers, that somebody is our support team.

(Web)Hooked on Business Intelligence

January 12, 2018|

2-minute read

Today, we get notifications about everything that matters—when our must-watch TV show is set to record, social posts from our favorite friends…shoot, even cars will alert us when our tires are low. Why should payments be any different?

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