Pushing the Boundaries of Payments: Innovating With Appsky Labs

Pushing the Boundaries of Payments: Innovating With Appsky Labs

December 18, 2017 | 4-minute read

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again—we have amazing partners.

Case in point: Appsky Labs. In Founder and CEO Taylor Korensky’s own words, “We make apps and websites.” It sounds easy when you put it that way, but Appsky is one of the Silicon Prairie’s hottest startups. While we’re excited about their success (and can’t wait to see what’s next), here’s why we were initially drawn to partner with Appsky Labs.

Home-Grown Beginnings

It’s a match made in Nebraska. Appsky and PaymentSpring are both local companies with a passion for building functional and easy-to-use technology for their clients.

While Appsky’s current focus is supporting medium and small businesses locally, Taylor hopes to have multiple branches of the company operating across the nation in the next several years—an ambition that’s after our own hearts.

“Our goal is to be a worldwide brand at some point, but before you can be big, you have to be small,” Cory Mann, PaymentSpring SVP of sales and marketing said. “It starts with building relationships locally and regionally.”

Innovative Tech

Success in tech is all about finding new ways to solve problems, which is something the teams at Appsky and PaymentSpring live and breathe.

“The thing that really got me interested is the fact that PaymentSpring is very, very developer focused in a payment solution, which I haven’t really seen before,” Taylor said. “I love pushing the boundary of things, and I think that’s exactly what PaymentSpring is trying to do. I was naturally attracted to that—plus, lots of our clients need payments.”

Since Appsky has experienced problems integrating payments in the past, they needed a partner that could talk tech and collaborate with them. One item on the agenda: A mobile software development kit that will help more easily integrate Ionic (an Android and iOS app building framework) with PaymentSpring’s capabilities.

“You want clients that can push the envelope and help make you better,” said Cory. “What I love about Taylor and Appsky is that they’re helping their clients solve problems with unique solutions. We may not have everything every client needs today, but in working with partners like Appsky, we can hear those problems and help address them.”

Customer-Focused Philosophy

While innovation in technology often entails minimizing human interaction, it doesn’t completely erase the need for a human touch.

“Taylor and his team were in the office recently. They were talking with an e-commerce retailer looking to establish a wholesale channel. We talked through the client experience and how to weave in payment acceptance,” Cory said. “Being able to provide that kind of personalized service is part of what makes a partnership with someone like Appsky so valuable.”

“People want to work with people. PaymentSpring is doing a great job of that,” Taylor said. “At the end of the day, the software that we’ll be building has to come from somebody’s idea, and we want to be there for our customers when they need support.”

You can never have too many friends.

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