Simplify Your Success with Mobile Payments

Simplify Your Success with Mobile Payments

Dec 28, 2016 | 2-minute read

Look around you. Look at what you’ve created! An organization that makes it as simple as possible for folks to tap into what you’re offering. And whatever it is you’re selling, servicing or advocating for, we’re here to tell ya—you can accept more simplicity too.

Think about your basic organizational goals. Maybe it’s a mix of the following:

  • Accept donations.
  • Auto-deduct enrollment fees.
  • Get paid for services.
  • Register attendees.
  • Sell products.

What lengths are you currently going to in order to achieve these goals? Setting up temporary shop at a farmers market or tradeshow; offering folks a payments portal on your website; running cards and accepting cash in-store—it’s likely a mix here too.

Seems simple enough. But, because you’re using multiple payments providers for mobile, online and at your place of business, you’re putting in a bunch of extra work to merge and consolidate your reporting. It’s quite the nightmare at times. But the boogie man doesn’t have to be real, and the mess that is created by using multiple payments processers can be totally avoided with two easily accessible things: PaymentSpring mobile and the internet.

PaymentSpring mobile works anywhere the internet travels. That’s basically everywhere, so hurray for flexibility. It’s PCI compliant, affordable and support is just a phone call or message away, how convenient. And (wait for it)…PaymentSpring mobile generates reports that include both mobile and ecommerce transactions. Finally, something simple for you.

To learn more about partnering with PaymentSpring, check out our website, message us or just give us a call. Yes, we actually welcome good ol’ fashion conversations.