Subscription Billing with PaymentSpring

Subscription Billing with PaymentSpring

Jan 23, 2014 | 2-minute read

Here at PaymentSpring, we are always looking to satisfy our customers’ needs and deliver rock-solid payment features. We are proud to announce the deployment of our latest major feature: Recurring Billing.

Recurring billing allows our clients to set up scheduled billings for their customers. The model consists of two main entities: plans and subscriptions. Plans are a way of providing a standard level of payment to a number of subscribers. An example of a plan might be “Gold Level service plan, $35.00, bills monthly on the 15th.” Plans can bill weekly, monthly, or quarterly. Subscriptions are made when you subscribe a customer to a plan. You must have a plan in place and a customer before you can make a subscription. Subscriptions take the amount and schedule of the plan, and you are able to specify when the subscription ends: after a certain number of billings, after a date, or never. Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time, and no further billings will be processed.

Subscriptions can also be modified from the plan on a per-customer basis. Want to provide gold level service at half the price to some of your clients? Need to bill some customers on the 10th and some on the 20th? Not a problem. Each subscription is able to differ from the plan. Essentially, plans are just defaults for the details of a subscription. Plans are also a way of grouping your subscriptions into levels of service or donation.

We have a couple different ways of providing monitoring for your recurring billings. The first is that each plan will, by default, send an email to your account’s email address every day that it attempts to bill customers. This email will contain a list of the day’s billings and show which customers’ billings failed. The other is by looking at the subscription on the customer page: clicking on the billings summary will show a list of all billings for that subscription. PaymentSpring does not stop subscriptions or attempt to bill the customer for the same billing cycle again; we leave it to our clients to determine how to handle failed subscriptions.

You can find more info and instructions at our docs page. Or, check out our API documentation to get started on coding it yourself.