Payments 101

The Pandemic Changed Payments


Our handcrafted application process is easy-to-use for your customers and quick to get customers accepting payments. Here are a few reasons we love our new signup tool and think you will too.

The Pandemic Changed Payments2021-08-12T12:43:09-06:00

Add More Geek to Your Speak: Payment Processing Terminology


Ever have a “say what?” moment as you’re getting better acquainted with the payments industry? You’re not alone, which is why we’ve compiled this list of common definitions for quick, electronic reference. It’s all the juicy terminology with none of the calories to beef up your brain. Enjoy!

Add More Geek to Your Speak: Payment Processing Terminology2022-02-25T12:22:24-06:00

A Tale of Two Payment Processes


If you’re taking payments, you’re probably aware that ACH transactions are a thing—but that might be where your knowledge of ACH ends. Here’s the scoop on how ACH transactions differ from credit card transactions:

A Tale of Two Payment Processes2022-03-15T14:36:30-06:00

The Somewhat Long and Winding Road of Payment Processing


With the right purchasing experience, customers (aka cardholders) have it pretty awesome. They go online, click to purchase or donate, securely pay without jumping through login hoops or annoying redirected, seal the deal and go on their merry way.

The Somewhat Long and Winding Road of Payment Processing2022-03-15T14:39:26-06:00