Meet Your Mobile App


Businesses of all types rely on PaymentSpring Mobile to not only provide an on-the-go payment solution but to do so in a way that works with their online payments—not against them. One dashboard rules it all, and we’ve created a quick “meet your mobile app” video to show you the ropes. Note, you’ll need [...]

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PaymentSpring Gateway serves up real-time notifications the same way social media alerts you to posts or interactions of interest—instantly and at your command. Customizable webhook monitoring tells you when a significant activity takes place in Gateway as instructed via text, email or POST notification. Watch webhooks work for you. With PaymentSpring’s [...]

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PCI compliance territory? Gross, we’d never make you go there. We’re darn happy the regulations exist though, and we utilize tokenization to stay compliant and keep your donor/customer info secure. Check out this quick tokenization tutorial video to learn why it’s such an important security safeguard in the payment Gateway. Here are the [...]

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checkout buttons & forms


The PaymentSpring Checkout Widget is the simplest way to add a payment button or form to your website. Period. And you can create as many as you want at no additional cost to active Gateway users or sandbox explorers. One line of code is all you need to copy/paste a checkout button or form to [...]

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Our Compliance Level


Looking for a partner in payments compliance? PaymentSpring is a certified, level 1 PCI service provider. That means we undergo the scrutinizing (for good reason) annual audit performed by a Qualified Security Assessor (QSA), and our Attestation of Compliance is available to our current clients at any time upon request. We take this security responsibility [...]

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PCI DSS Overview


The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a proprietary information security standard for organizations that handle branded credit card data. So, when you donate to a great cause or pay for a cool product/service using Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, etc., the nonprofit or business has a legal obligation to keep your financial [...]

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Create & Send an Invoice


Start by ensuring your merchant information is complete via the "Accounts" section. This information is necessary to send invoices. Tap "Invoices" located in the left-hand navigation menu. Select "Create Invoice" in the upper right corner. Choose your "Issue Date" based on the date you plan to send the invoice (past, present or future). Choose your "Due Date." Check "Custom Invoice [...]

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Handle Failed Subscription Payments


Well, shoot. A donor/customer payment failed. We’ll go ahead and note that for you in the plan’s email report. So far, it’s been working out well for us to let you decide how to handle a failed payment on a case-by-case basis. Feel free to give the charge a second try in our virtual terminal, [...]

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Renew an Expired Subscription


Welcome a donor/customer back to the fold! Renewing a subscription is a lot like creating a new one. Well, it’s exactly like creating a new one, so go back up and check out those instructions. Remember: One customer. One subscription.

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Unsubscribe a Customer


If and when you need to remove a donor/customer subscription, visit the customer detail page to get started. Then: Tap “Customers” in the navigation menu on the left. Find the customer who needs unsubscribed. Select the “Subscriptions” tab and select the plan/subscription you wish to unsubscribe. Tap “Unsubscribe” to finish the job. After unsubscribing, [...]

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