PaymentSpring Integration and API



PaymentSpring Gateway serves up real-time notifications the same way social media alerts you to posts or interactions of interest—instantly and at your command. Customizable webhook monitoring tells you when a significant activity takes place in Gateway as instructed via text, email or POST notification. Watch webhooks work for you. With PaymentSpring’s [...]

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PCI compliance territory? Gross, we’d never make you go there. We’re darn happy the regulations exist though, and we utilize tokenization to stay compliant and keep your donor/customer info secure. Check out this quick tokenization tutorial video to learn why it’s such an important security safeguard in the payment Gateway. Here are the [...]

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checkout buttons & forms


The PaymentSpring Checkout Widget is the simplest way to add a payment button or form to your website. Period. And you can create as many as you want at no additional cost to active Gateway users or sandbox explorers. One line of code is all you need to copy/paste a checkout button or form to [...]

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