PaymentSpring’s Gateway

Unsubscribe a Customer


If and when you need to remove a donor/customer subscription, visit the customer detail page to get started. Then: Tap “Customers” in the navigation menu on the left. Find the customer who needs unsubscribed. Select the “Subscriptions” tab and select the plan/subscription you wish to unsubscribe. Tap “Unsubscribe” to finish the job. After unsubscribing, [...]

Unsubscribe a Customer2020-06-05T09:59:31-06:00

Handle Failed Subscription Payments


Well, shoot. A donor/customer payment failed. We’ll go ahead and note that for you in the plan’s email report. So far, it’s been working out well for us to let you decide how to handle a failed payment on a case-by-case basis. Feel free to give the charge a second try in our virtual [...]

Handle Failed Subscription Payments2020-06-05T09:59:09-06:00

Renew an Expired Subscription


Welcome a donor/customer back to the fold! Renewing a subscription is a lot like creating a new one. Well, it’s exactly like creating a new one, so go back up and check out those instructions. Remember: One customer. One subscription.

Renew an Expired Subscription2020-06-05T09:58:24-06:00

Create & Send an Invoice


Start by ensuring your merchant information is complete via the "Accounts" section. This information is necessary to send invoices. Tap "Invoices" located in the left-hand navigation menu. Select "Create Invoice" in the upper right corner. Choose your "Issue Date" based on the date you plan to send the invoice (past, present or future). Choose your "Due Date." Check "Custom Invoice [...]

Create & Send an Invoice2018-08-01T09:44:39-06:00

Refund a Payment


Refunds happen—and when they do, it’s important to get it right the first time. This three-step process begins after a charge has been made. It can transact partial or full refunds. Click “Payments” in the navigation menu on the left. Find the payment you need to refund and click it. Navigate to the “Refund” [...]

Refund a Payment2020-06-05T09:54:32-06:00

create a payment


Here’s how to easily complete a one-off payment in the Gateway’s managed interface: Log in to Click “Payments” in the navigation menu on the left Check out the complied list of previously processed payments, and select “Create Payment” in the upper right corner Fill in the amount, card number and expiration date. Other details [...]

create a payment2020-06-05T09:51:26-06:00

Create a Customer


Someone needs to have his/her info stored to make multiple payments? Excellent, here’s how: Log in to Click “Customers” in the navigation menu on the left. Click “Create Customer” in the upper right corner. Complete the customer information and tap “Create Customer.” To add payment information, click the “Create Payment” button in the “Payments” [...]

Create a Customer2020-06-05T09:48:50-06:00