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Nonprofit Payment Processing
Donors can give anywhere, anytime…
….using their payment of choice
Get More from Giving
  • Donor-covered fees option
  • Real-time reports and reconciliation
  • One-time and recurring donations
  • Low transaction rates
  • Electronic invoicing for no additional cost
  • Secure payments with a level 1 PCI-certified vendor
Accept more donations now with a provider that can help your mission further.
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Brand Your Own Giving App

With the giving app from PaymentSpring:

  • No coding or maintenance

  • Branded for you
  • Easy giving

  • Full of additional valuable content for members
  • No-hassle setup
Check it out.

Text “App” to 816.239.2191 to download a sample app.

Service with a Side of Service Service with a Side of Service

Not only will you find our contact information online in one click, you’ll also speak with someone who truly wants to help. Our support staff wouldn’t have it any other way.

Serious Security. Serious Security

Nonprofits partnering with PaymentSpring aren’t losing sleep worrying about sensitive cardholder data. With end-to-end encryption and tokenization solutions, data bypasses your system by safely traveling through our Level 1 PCI-compliant system, significantly reducing your PCI responsibilities.

bleeding hearts, unite!

You do for others, so we’ll do for you.
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