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The days are long, but your mission is so rewarding. That’s why PaymentSpring created an all-in-one payment gateway with nonprofits in mind.

Our partnership mentality takes nonprofits further by delivering solutions that help the people behind the mission do more, better.

Accept more from your payments partner:

nonprofit payment processing - mobile and online

Take mobile and online transactions with one solution.

One dashboard to rule them all! All your online and mobile transactions in one dashboard. And, your first mobile reader is free.

nonprofit payment processing - donor covered

Offer a donor-covered option.

Allow donors to add an additional amount to cover the cost of processing.

nonprofit payment processing - easy integration

Integrate a nonprofit payments solution directly to your website.

Developer-friendly API make this a quick and easy process.

nonprofit payment processing - no more redirects

No more third-party redirects.

Keep dollars coming in by keeping donors on your site.

nonprofit payment processing - support

Rely on our support staff as an extension of your team.

When you call, we answer. Responses are tailored to your needs—no generic, auto replies here.

nonprofit payment processing - recurring payments and reminders

Set recurring donations and send reminders.

Subscribe supporters to recurring donations.

nonprofit payment processing - send electronic invoices

Send electronic invoices instantly.

Email electronic invoices and let customers pay online with PaymentSpring e-invoicing.

No Tech Skills? No Problem.

Use the checkout widget to easily customize a donation button and add it to your site in seconds with a simple copy/paste. This magic line of code allows you to do this and more lickety-split:

  • Create in minutes by answering a few quick questions.

  • See the functionality in action as you build.

  • Accept one-time and recurring payments.
  • Set fixed and open payment amounts.
  • Take cards and bank account payments.
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nonprofit payment processing - top tier security

Serious Security. Nonprofits partnering with PaymentSpring aren’t losing sleep worrying about sensitive cardholder data. That information travels through our gateway for end-to-end encryption and tokenization, meaning the actual data bypasses your system by safely traveling through our level 1 PCI-compliant system, significantly reducing your PCI responsibilities.

Nonprofit merchant servicing has come a long way. With PaymentSpring, you’ll get more than you give for once. Plus, credit card payouts are typically received in two business days, so you can put those donations to good use fast. And, nonprofits can accept donations and payments easily at events with our free mobile app and free mobile card reader.

nonprofit payment processing - free app and mobile reader

Let us show you the ropes in a demo or give Gateway a whirl at your leisure.

see it in action

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Download our free toolkit, and if you’ve still got questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 844.348.5702 or send us a message for more ways we can help your organization accept more.