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add attractive payments to your clients’ sites and earn extra revenue for yourself
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What is PaymentSpring?

It’s the all-in-one payment solution businesses turn to when they’re ready to accept

  • One dashboard view for mobile and online transactions.
  • Electronic invoicing and recurring payment functionality.
  • Simple addition to any website via the Checkout Widget or WordPress add-ons.

  • Secure processing via our PCI Level 1 Certified systems.

  • The ultimate in customer support and developer know-how.

Simple Installation. Lowest Rates. Live Support. Easy Money.

“PaymentSpring is very, very developer focused as a payment solution, which I haven’t really seen before. I love pushing the boundary of things, and I think that’s exactly what PaymentSpring is trying to do.” 
— Taylor Korensky, Founder & CEO of Appsky Labs.

You read that right.
  • Earn money every time your client takes a payment.

  • Isn’t it time a merchant provider started paying you to use their services? You make money, your clients save money. Simple.

  • We provide lower rates than the leading merchant providers.

Adding PaymentSpring payments is simple

  • You or your clients can use PaymentSpring’s payment solution for their site with a simple copy/paste of a single line of code.

  • Not tech savvy? We make installation simple and provide great support.

  • Easily change your shopping carts and move over to PaymentSpring.

You make money with minutes of work, and your clients are pleased with the simple payment solution you’ve offered them, at a price lower than other payment solutions.

Your customers will enjoy the beauty and ease of use

They can…

  • Accept one-time and recurring payments.
  • Create and send electronic invoices in minutes.
  • Enjoy the super user-friendly Gateway to monitor and manage transactions.
  • Easily add mobile payments to their mix, with mobile and online transactions feeding into the same dashboard account, for easy management.
  • Rest easy knowing their payment data is handled by a Level 1 PCI certified vendor (which means we’ve been through rigorous vetting to ensure our systems keep data safe.)
  • Expect top-quality service – from real people – when they need it.

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Did we Mention Extra Revenue For You?

We split the revenue with you. Every time one of your customers takes payments, you get a portion of the revenue. For simply connecting us.

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