Crystal clear reporting and serious client support are always included.

Card Present Transactions

  • • $5 monthly mobile fee
  • • Free magstripe reader1
  • • $59 EMV/chip reader


per transaction2

Card Not Present Transactions

  • • No monthly fee
  • • ACH transactions 0.8%


+ 30¢ per transaction

1 The first one’s on us! Additional magstripe readers can be purchased upon request for $20 each.

2 AMEX and other select cards may qualify to run at 2.9% + 30¢ per transaction.

hey there, big shooter.

Custom pricing is available to those running more than $10K in monthly volume. Referral partners can also receive custom pricing. Contact us to learn more.

bleeding hearts, unite!

We have a soft spot for all of you do-gooders out there. Please contact us to discuss special, nonprofit pricing.


Let it be known…

When you come on board with PaymentSpring, PaymentSpring comes on board with you. Ain’t no lone wolves in this pack. We’re here to help you deploy, road map and grow your business or nonprofit. When we say contact us, we mean it.

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