Create a Subscription

Plans and subscriptions work together to set this up for a donor or customer. Before you can schedule a recurring payment, you must create a subscription:

  • Log in to
  • Tap “Subscriptions” in the navigation menu on the left.
  • Tap “Create Subscription” in the upper right corner.
  • Fill in the subscription details. A plan name and a standard billing amount are a must.
    You can override this for each subscribing customer. 
  • Choose a billing frequency. Choose between monthly, weekly, quarterly, biannually and yearly, then choose the specific calendar date the payments should occur.
  • Add any custom fields needed for managing recurring payments (examples: member number, student name, memorial fund name, etc.)
  • Determine if you want a report emailed each time a payment is processed.
  • Tap “Create Subscription” to finish off your efforts.

Now you are ready to schedule your recurring payment(s)!

  • Tap on “Customers” on the left menu
  • Locate the customer who authorized the recurring payment and tap
  • Tap the subscriptions tab to enroll your customer in the subscription.
  • Select the subscription type and tap Confirm Details
    • Update the information as authorized by your customer
      • Payment method (if multiples)
      • Amount
      • “ends after”
      • Bill immediately or on the day you select next
      • Frequency – monthly, weekly or quarterly (nice to know your customer has all of these options!)
      • Now tap “Create Subscription” and that’s it!

Please note: if your customer calls to “cancel” their recurring payment, don’t forget to be a good steward to your customer and come back in to “unsubscribe” this recurring payment before the next one is scheduled to process. See the step below for details.

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