Learn the Basics

The PaymentSpring Gateway is a managed interface that helps our clients accept payments online or in person via debit, credit or other payment methods. That’s a big part of doing business, and we want to make sure it’s done right—simply and securely with all the savvy bells and whistles busy nonprofits and businesses need to be amazing.

We offer a mobile app, sophisticated payment gateway and virtual card reading terminals as well as point-of-sale terminals. PaymentSpring clients can also build a customized donor or payments page to submit billing data securely though our system, reducing your liability and protecting your donor/customer information. Because payments data is processed outside of our clients’ software system, a substantial amount of the PCI compliance requirements are our burden rather than yours.

And, we’ve seen the tangled mess that can be made using systems that are not awesomely integrated or user-friendly. “Run a quick sales tracking report.” Yeah, sure. “Give me about 30 minutes.” Not cool. Not necessary. The PaymentSpring Gateway takes client usability and reporting just as seriously as it does donor/customer usability and security. View all of your donor/customer info and transactions, set up subscriptions and recurring payments, send refunds and run intuitive reports easily in one place. One place!

Check out our developer docs to learn about the API that makes our world go round, and contact us any time to learn more.