Meet Your Mobile App

Businesses of all types rely on PaymentSpring Mobile to not only provide an on-the-go payment solution but to do so in a way that works with their online payments—not against them. One dashboard rules it all, and we’ve created a quick “meet your mobile app” video to show you the ropes.

Note, you’ll need to activate your free test account to process live payments in the PaymentSpring Gateway.

Getting started with the PaymentSpring mobile payments app is easy:

  1. Download our free payment mobile app via the App Store and Google Play Store.
  2. Request your free mobile swipe device from our support team (additional swipe devices can be purchased for $20 each).
  3. Sign in to your payment dashboard.
  4. Connect your mobile swipe device to run credit cards through.
  5. Or, create a payment and key-enter the transaction amount to process it through the gateway.
  6. Send a receipt electronically via email or text after receiving payment confirmation.
  7. View all mobile payment activity via your online payment service dashboard.
  8. Refund mobile credit card payments as needed.