checkout buttons & forms

The PaymentSpring Checkout Widget is the simplest way to add a payment button or form to your website. Period. And you can create as many as you want at no additional cost to active Gateway users or sandbox explorers.

One line of code is all you need to copy/paste a checkout button or form to any page of your website. Simply log in to your account, head to the Widgets tab and create what you want in minutes.

See it for yourself.

PaymentSpring’s Checkout button or form lets active users begin accepting payments or donations in minutes. Or as we like to describe it: No tech skills? No problem.

How it works:

  • Create by answering a few quick questions.
  • See the functionality in action as you build.

Select the features you want:

  • Recurring payments.
  • Pre-set payment amounts – or leave it open.
  • Point a single donation to multiple funds.
  • Let donors give a little more to cover transaction fees.
  • Choose payment types to take – ACH (bank account) and/or just credit payments.
  • Use the “Custom Fields” feature to add any additional fields needed.

To learn even more about copy/pasting payments to your website in minutes, holler at the team or see it in action. We love breaking down the complexities of accepting payment for people eager to accept better service as a standard.

Please note: Your Gateway account must be active to accept payments or donations on your website, but you can experiment with building them in your sandbox account or active Gateway account at any time for free. You also need back-end access to your own website to paste the line of code.

Have questions about our Checkout Widget? Visit our FAQs.