PaymentSpring Gateway serves up real-time notifications the same way social media alerts you to posts or interactions of interest—instantly and at your command. Customizable webhook monitoring tells you when a significant activity takes place in Gateway as instructed via text, email or POST notification.

Watch webhooks work for you.

With PaymentSpring’s webhook monitoring, a notification can be created for just about anything, including:

  • When an invoice is sent and/or paid.
  • When a subscription (recurring payment) has been billed.
  • When a batch settlement has been processed.
  • When X number of online payments have failed in the last Y number of minutes.
  • For Partner Tools users, when a notice is received by a merchant or nonprofit client, that same notification can be received by the partner. 

PaymentSpring can also apply conditionals to webhook monitoring such as transactions over or under a certain amount or even occurrences specific to a certain customer or donor.

To learn even more about the types of notifications you can create and how webhook monitoring improves business intelligence, simply reach out to the team or watch a demo.