ACH payments

The Pandemic Changed Payments


Our handcrafted application process is easy-to-use for your customers and quick to get customers accepting payments. Here are a few reasons we love our new signup tool and think you will too.

The Pandemic Changed Payments2021-08-12T12:43:09-06:00

Accept Payments with Ease: Meet Gateway


Processing credit card payments and ACH deposits with ease, via a system that’s easy to set up and with real people ready to support you when you need it is more rare than it should be. That’s what inspired PaymentSpring to develop a smart and simplified alternative to “big box” payment processing services. At PaymentSpring, nonprofit and business partners are experiencing the best of both worlds—quality product AND quality service.  

Accept Payments with Ease: Meet Gateway2022-03-15T14:12:19-06:00

A Tale of Two Payment Processes


If you’re taking payments, you’re probably aware that ACH transactions are a thing—but that might be where your knowledge of ACH ends. Here’s the scoop on how ACH transactions differ from credit card transactions:

A Tale of Two Payment Processes2022-03-15T14:36:30-06:00

Dev Talk: Landing a Long-Term Relationship with ACH Payments


Love is in the air at PaymentSpring, but cupid has nothing to do with it. More so, it’s the newly formed seven-person developer crew pumping out all the feels with new, innovative ways to make clients’ lives simpler, most recently with one-click ACH payment gateway functionality.

Dev Talk: Landing a Long-Term Relationship with ACH Payments2022-02-25T12:17:13-06:00