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(Web)Hooked on Business Intelligence


Today, we get notifications about everything that matters—when our must-watch TV show is set to record, social posts from our favorite friends…shoot, even cars will alert us when our tires are low. Why should payments be any different?

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Accept Payments with Ease: Meet Gateway


Processing credit card payments and ACH deposits with ease, via a system that’s easy to set up and with real people ready to support you when you need it is more rare than it should be. That’s what inspired PaymentSpring to develop a smart and simplified alternative to “big box” payment processing services. At PaymentSpring, nonprofit and business partners are experiencing the best of both worlds—quality product AND quality service.  

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Understanding Tokenization as a Security Safeguard


The tokens we’re talking about won’t let you play Skee-Ball® at Chuck E. Cheese or earn Luigi an extra life, but they can help save your security bacon. This quick video gives you a step-by-step explanation on how and why tokenization is such an important security measure for businesses and nonprofits of all sizes.

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