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Visa Stops Requiring Signatures


Credit card companies no longer require signatures on in-person transactions. See why the signature has stayed for so long and why it's unnecessary now.

Visa Stops Requiring Signatures2020-07-28T13:47:41-06:00

The ACH Advantage


Possibly last in familiarity, but still #1 in our hearts, accepting ACH payments is a win-win.

The ACH Advantage2022-03-15T14:01:48-06:00

Add More Geek to Your Speak: Payment Processing Terminology


Ever have a “say what?” moment as you’re getting better acquainted with the payments industry? You’re not alone, which is why we’ve compiled this list of common definitions for quick, electronic reference. It’s all the juicy terminology with none of the calories to beef up your brain. Enjoy!

Add More Geek to Your Speak: Payment Processing Terminology2022-02-25T12:22:24-06:00