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Get a glimpse of who we are and how we do.

our story

We have a long history of creating wins for our clients in the developer, business and nonprofit sectors. As developers, we hold our innovative, partnership mentality in high regard. As mid-sized business owners, we take efficiencies and customer service seriously. And, our philanthropic spirit leads us to believe that simplicity and hands-on support should come standard, especially in the charitable, camp and religious 501(c)(3) schools and organizations.

The PaymentSpring that lives today is a collaborative effort of two main entities, Nelnet and Firespring. For more than 30 years, Nelnet has helped students and families navigate the world of higher education. Firespring, who boasts a “force for good” mantra, has been supporting businesses and nonprofits for decades with all things print, creative, website and IT.

And here we are today, a developer-driven payments solutions company enabling software platforms and organizations to outperform the competition. In addition to providing the latest easy-to-use payment technology, the precedent we place on partnering with clients to grow their businesses or missions is unmatched.

our values

We’re a motley bunch of intelligent and caring team members who feed off the diversity each of us brings to the table. Our commonalities are also a source of strength, for each other and our clients. It’s an ethical fusion of transparency and individuality that holds us accountable across the board.

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